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Clients Are Our Highest Priority.

because we are experienced

With over 30 years combined experience in defending all state and federal criminal criminal charges specifically Assaults, Family Violence, and Protective Orders, our Dallas | Collin County Criminal Lawyers have the knowlede our clients want on their side when we successfully defend cases.

because we believe in you

You are more than just a “file” to us.  We never take our role of being your defender lightly.  Ultimately, effective attorneys must understand and believe in their cause in order to present a believable defense.  We believe in you.   We believe in your iniate value as a humanbeing and never lose sight of the fact that you are a person with a unique history, protected rights, and future potential. Our clients are always on our minds and we fight this battle together.

because we are creative & Connected

It takes more to win a criminal case than just knowing the law.  Criminal Defense Lawyers who win cases think outside the box and explore legal strategies and defenses from a variety of sources.  In addition to our knowledge of Criminal Law and Family Law, our defense lawyers have cultivated a large array of professional relationships with crucial experts, such as doctors, pyschologists, and forensic DNA and cyber professionals.

Your Team

Our Dallas & Collin County Criminal Lawyers | Family Assault attorneys have the experience and determination to handle any assault family violence, or abuse charge you or a loved one may face.  Combining vast legal knowledge from years of criminal defense and family litigation, our attorneys work to develop creative and comprehenisve legal startegies and defend your rights.

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Nicholas A. Davis

Assault Family Violence, Protective Orders, CPS Defense, State & Federal Charges, & Family Law

James Lee Bright
Of Counsel

Assault Family Violence, Sex Crimes, Abuse & Child Endangerment, All State & Federal Charges.

Our recent Wins


1st Degree Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child
Hung Jury

Collin County, Texas

Allegations of Sexual Abuse.  Resolved Case Without Indictment.
No Charges

Collin County, Texas

Felony Injury to a Child.  Reunited Client in CPS Case.
No Criminal Prosecution

Denton County, Texas

Sexual Assault of Child – Suppressed Police Interrogation.
Not Guilty

Denton County, Texas

Nicholas Alexander DavisReviewsout of 14 reviews
Nicholas Alexander DavisReviewsout of 14 reviews

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